Keep Calm and Don’t Drink The Kool Aid – Psychedelic Maze Art

Keep Calm and Don't Drink The Kool Aid Maze artwork

Maze of psychedelic keeping calm and something about Kool-Aid | MAZE SOLUTION

Exciting Online Casino Features For Having Fun

There are few cool ways to spend your summer, but not many ways are as exciting as entering your favourite online casino . There are always cool new things to see such as new online casino games and other cool and fun attraction such as great music, new bonuses and free spins, and many more.
Say you’ve already decided you want to start playing at the casino games , how about improving your winning chances first? Since there are some online casino games that Keep calm and coloring mazeare very challenging, it might help you relaxing before playing, and it might help you improving your score and winnings.
So which activities are both fun, relaxing, and great for improving your focus and concentration? There are few recommended ones that you can enjoy from before entering the online casino . One example is solving the challenging mazes puzzles. Maze solving can be quite difficult but since there are so much different mazes you can always find one that would fit your difficulty levels and would suite you best!
A different type of great meditative activity that can also be great before entering the casino games is painting some coloring for adults pages. The coloring for grown ups can help you relax, and you can do them everywhere you want – in your living room while petting your cat , on your way to work or on the beach during your vacation. That’s why they are extremely popular, and you can find coloring pages in all types, shapes and sizes.
In conclusion, having exciting fun at home with your cute cats around you is more than possible. Just keep in mind it’s important to relax before, and start WINNING at the online casino!

Keep Calm and Don’t Drink The Kool Aid Maze Solution GIF

Kool-Aid maze solution

Mazes – Fun For Cats And Cat Lovers Everywhere!


Maze | Solution

 new hampshire cat What is your favorite cat meme? Maybe you like celebrity cats or Business Cat cartoons. Perhaps you love looking at videos of newborn kittens yawning, or of cats being surprised by cucumbers. One very funny cat meme that is growing in popularity is cats going through mazes. Cats are smart creatures that need constant interaction and exploration so that they do not get bored. This could be why humans love them so much – we love how intelligent they can be. Some cat owners have found that their cats love mazes, so they create custom mazes for their cats. While videos of funny cats going through mazes are not the most side-splittingly hilarious cat memes out there, they are very entertaining to watch and deserve recognition.
maze coloring page for grown upsIf you love cat memes and mazes, then you will be excited to hear that there is a type of art that combines both of your great loves! This art form is called maze art. If you are not familiar with maze art, never fear! It is quite easy to understand. Maze art is created when artists design a maze that also forms a secondary image. This increases the sensory experience of the player for an entirely new type of maze experience. Many savvy artists realized the incredible love that we have for cats, so there is a plethora of cat maze art available at your fingertips. So take a step up from looking at funny cats online! Cat maze art offers you a whole new way to interact with your favorite felines online. Many mazes are free to download and print, so it is easy to share cool cat mazes with your other friends who love cat memes. Checking out funny cat memes and doing cat maze art will take you to a whole new level of cat-loving pleasure.
After you finish your cat-tivities (cat activities) in a great mood, then the next logical step is to try a new online activity. If you enjoyed the previous suggestion, then you will love playing online games at a casino. Playing online casino games offers a fantastic combination of convenience and fun. You can play on the same devices where you like to look at cat memes – on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If you have not played before, you will be captivated by the gorgeous graphics, engaging music, and thrill of the game. Best of all, you can win online casino real money as soon as you start playing! What other Internet activity can actually reward you with real cash as you do Hilary cat memeit? If you are a discerning cat lover who appreciates the beauty of these majestic creatures, then you will love the details in the artwork in all the casino games you encounter. By combining casinos and cats, you will have more fun that you ever could have imagined! Sign up and play today!
Disclaimer: The information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. You may lose money when you engage in online gambling.

Beware of Dog Sign Maze and Cat Memes

maze of beware of dog sign

Beware of Dog Sign Maze | Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solved Here

Listen to your inner voice. It’s important to trust your intuition and pay close attention to your gut feelings.  Clear your mind by meditating or doing some other activity that opens up your “intuitive self” which will tell you how long to play, which games to play, whether to play for big stakes or small deposits and what choices to make in your gambling activities.

  1. Share your gaming entertainment with your cat. Cats are recognized as good-luck reward catsymbols so encourage your cat to perch next to you while you play slots. This relaxes you and provides you with more comfortable gaming experience. This, in and of itself, gives you more chances to achieve wins while infusing a certain energy that allows you to focus on the game and achieve the best results. Cats aren’t widely available in Australia due to import and quarantine laws so if you have a cat, consider yourself lucky and enjoy sharing your space while you play.

  2. Expect the Best. When you expect the best you are participating in what is referred to as the “Pygmalion Effect.” By expecting the best you’ll find that you often get what you expect. It’s a proven fact that lucky people expect to be lucky.  A lucky individual is sure that his future will be full of good fortune and those expectations then become self-fulfilling prophecies.  “Lucky” and “unlucky” people have different kinds of expectations. Both types of people generally get what they expect when they play online slots in Australia.

  3. Pander to your curiosity. Play different games, different kinds of games, games with different themes and different features. Don’t be afraid to explore the Australian online slots since that’s what the Free Mode is there for — to allow you to experiment with different casino options without any deposit obligations. The more curious you are, the more open you will be to new possibilities. All this allows your luck to shine through. Your curiosity will lead you down roads that you might not otherwise have traveled, bringing you to situations in which new opportunities present themselves for your benefit.

  4. Check out the new free mazes that have been created by Yanito Freminoshi. Complete a few mazes before you embark on your gambling adventure. Freminoshi puts a modern twist on the ancient maze puzzles so you can do a free op art maze and increase your luck by increasing your gaming skills.
  5. Learn about playing at the mobile casino and enjoying these games while you sit with your cat or go about town. You’ll love everything that the games offer. in their hand and they are ready for fun. It’s all possible for players when they get into the game and start to have a wonderful time.

Have you ever seen a monkey being played like an air guitar? What about a pet fish being used as a bongo drum? I am going to go out on a limb now and say “no way” meow peace catwhat about a picture of a snake who is trying to sit in a basket that is too small? Again I doubt that you have ever seen such a picture. When it comes to cats however, I can honestly answer yes to all of the above scenarios. Funny cats taking part in all kinds of ridiculous scenarios are an everyday part of our online life. As well as individual pictures posted by your friends and colleagues, whole pages have been dedicated by online bloggers to hilarious cat antics. Magazine articles both online and offline have been written about the bizarre, hilarious and very cute cat adventures. There is just something about cats that makes them the star of the online show again and again. Although they are certainly sharing space with other cute and funny animals, cats are definitely the king of the internet and they coolly accept this status as if it is their god given right! The lion may be the king of the jungle, but since the advent of the internet, the cat had become the king of the entire animal kingdom!

Beware of Maze Solution

maze solved

Eyelash Wishing Maze N’ Funny Cats

Lucky Eye Lashes Maze

Maze of Lucky Eye Lashes, Created by Yanito Freminoshi | MAZE SOLUTION

Enjoy your time off with some great cat memes and online slots

funny cat joke tubby catA lot of people enjoy spending their time by surfing the web. When they surf the web they mostly enjoy watching funny things or interesting ones. Therefore, the funny videos and funny cats are considered as the top rated results in the entertainment industry. The funny cat memes indeed make people’s time much better and make them laugh gracefully, whether they are alone or with a lot of friends. Now, besides spending their time watching a nice cat online, people also highly enjoy challenging themselves in all sorts of activities during the day. A very common sort of activity you would most probably find people occupying themselves with is solving mazes. People pool catwho solve mazes usually make their cognitive abilities much better in no time, and also help themselves create more pathways between one nerve to another in their brains. These new pathways substantially help them in the subsequent times they choose to solve the mazes and also make their time spent in front of the funny cat memes a whole lot better. One of the most prominent results caused by these common acts of solving mazes on a daily basis as well as watching the cats is the desire for more. People, whom like to enjoy their time, usually look for additional ways to entertain themselves and they most often decide to do so by playing online slots. The online slots games available on multiple casinos and a lot of websites let the people experience a great sense of joy cat logic 101each and every time. The slots let people enjoy both the feelings of uncertainty related to the unexpected results of the spins as well as mastering the games a little bit and so have the feeling they do have some sort of control about what’s going on. It is important to remember, that although one thing led to another (which means – the decision to solve a maze or watch the memes of funny cats was the initial activity that made the person plays slots), nothing stops people from doing both activities at the same time. To be more precise, a lot of people truly enjoy committing these two activities simultaneously and there is a great reason for that. Not only each and every one of these activities is really fun, but also doing all of them together is just wonderful! As a matter of fact, there is no reason on the world a person would have the need to give up on a certain activity just because he is doing another one! Try them all together and enjoy!

cat surrender in 4 easy steps

There is always room to add some more fun into your life. Sure, you already have a number of things that you enjoy doing. But why can’t you expand this range and have even more things that you love to do and to participate in. Let’s give you some ideas and you might find yourself with some new ways to have fun. First, you can always do a crossword puzzle or enjoy a maze. When you do these activities, you are forcing your mind to work in a way that it doesn’t normally work and to think of things creatively. Mazes are a great way to problem solve as they allow you to look at something that you have to get through and then to figure out a solution for doing so. You can play the mazes from your iPad in your bed curled up with your cat, or you can cat on caturdayplay them in a book that you find that is filled with mazes. Another great idea is to look at cat memes. These hysterical images of funny cats will keep you laughing and entertained for hours on end. You’ll wonder how anyone came up with such funny captions for what the cats are doing and you’ll enjoy checking out the many pictures and the new ones they put up each day. Once you’ve finished either your mazes or your cat memes (or both) you can spend a few minutes with slots. The online slots games today offer so many awesome ways to enjoy yourself. You can play in demo mode or play for real money and you can really relish in the fun that these games offer. And after all of these activities, and the time you’ve spent with your cat, it’s time to go out for a run or take a walk. You should get up and move a bit before you come back to do more mazes, look at cat memes and enjoy online slots. You’ll certainly feel the pull trying to bring you back to the games and activities you love.

Eye Lashes Maze Solution

maze solution to the eye lashes maze

Cat Mazes and Monkey Gambling

Monkey gambling has been the focus of many research papers and every study has concluded that monkeys understand how to gamble and are keen gamblers. Also an awesome cat maze and some funny cat and monkey materials and memes.


Cat Suprise Maze

Maze of a Suprised Cat | SOLUTION HERE

Ever since the 1970’s when a chimpanzee at Columbia University took part in “Project Nim” in an attempt to see if non-human primates could learn to communicate with humans, researchers have become increasingly ambitious in their efforts to teach monkeys everyday human skills. Monkey research is a fascinating study in its own right, their close physical and even psychological similarity to humans can also help shed light on human behaviour and attitudes.  In the last number of years a number of different studies have been developed to see if monkeys can be taught to gamble and, if so, do their gambling tendencies tend to match those of humans. The findings shed light upon our shared evolutionary basis and can be used to provide insight into gambling addictions.


Imagine walking into your local casino and seeing monkeys sitting around the poker table cat magazinewith the other players, or, maybe you spot a group of monkeys perched on a chair at the slots games, although the probability of this happening in real life is highly unlikely, this scenario is really not that far-fetched.   Monkey gambling has been the focus of many research papers and every study has concluded that monkeys not only understand how to gamble, they are also keen gamblers and enjoy playing casino games. In this paper we will touch on some of the major research projects carried out by scientists, biologists and psychologists and demonstrate the valuable and interesting conclusions that this research has generated.


In August 2005, Duke University Medical Center Neurobiologist Michael Platt and his colleagues published a research paper in the Nature Neuroscience Journal where they concluded that given the choice between receiving a steady and safe reward, or, a larger but riskier reward, monkeys overwhelmingly preferred to gamble in the hope of winning the more generous but riskier reward.

The researchers hypothesized that studying the behavior of monkeys could help us understand the behavior of compulsive gamblers and their overwhelming need to experience the winners high whilst obliterating and ignoring the constant pain of the losses that they experienced. This experiment is also very valuable in helping scientists understand the correlation between risk, reward and neurons in the human brain.


Yes you read that correctly! Scientists at Yale University carried out a series of tests to meme of cat in a boxsee if they could teach monkeys how to use money. Not only were they successful in teaching the monkeys how to exchange money for fruit, they also noted that like humans, monkeys would buy more of one foodstuff if the price would fall. Once the researchers concluded that the monkeys understood the value of money and how to use it for their benefit, they introduced them to gambling games.

The monkeys responded enthusiastically and the researchers found that much like humans, monkeys were more likely to gamble on a game that had a potential win as opposed to a game with a potential loss even if the odds of winning at the game were identical. In one game the monkeys were given one grape to hold, with the flip of a coin they could either gain another grape or not. The second game began with the monkeys being awarded two grapes, the coin flip determined if they held on to both grapes or had to return one of them. The monkeys consistently chose to play the first version of the game even though the likelihood of them winning two grapes was exactly the same in both games. The same test given to humans would have a very similar result.


Perhaps the most famous of all monkey gambling research was the 2014 study carried out by Tommy Blanchard a Doctoral candidate at the University of Rochester together with Hayden and Wilke, Psychology professors from Clarkson University. The premise of their study was to determine if the same proclivity towards believing in a winning and losing streak was shared with the monkeys, if this was the case, the researchers could determine that this is a predisposition that is ingrained in our cognitive psychology.

The researchers created a computer game that the monkeys were taught to play. The cat meme pool tablegame had three different screens. In one game two objects appeared on the screen, the monkey could choose one of the objects by simply gazing at it. In one of the games the winning object was on the right side of the screen whilst in the other game, the winning object was on the left side of the screen.  If the monkey would gaze at the winning object he would be rewarded with some juice. The monkeys quickly learned to play and correctly guessed the necessary answer in order to win a prize. The third screen however was completely random. This meant that the reward could be either for picking the object on the right side of the screen or the left side of the screen.  When presented with the completely random screen the choices were made as if the monkeys expected their winning or losing streak to continue. In other words, even when the outcome was random the monkeys would follow a trend.

The findings of Blanchard’s research study demonstrate that the hot-hand bias or phenomena whereby we see patterns where none exist is common to both humans and primates. This commonality infers that evolution has primed our brains to look for patterns even where none occur.


banner for australian online casino bannerEvery study involving monkeys and gambling that has been carried out to date has pointed to some overwhelming similarities between the behaviour of monkeys and humans:

  • Monkeys and many humans will always choose to opt for a potentially larger reward in place of a smaller but more certain outcome.
  • Much like humans, the monkeys at Yale were more likely to gamble on a game that had a potential win as opposed to a game with a potential loss even if the odds of winning at the game were identical.
  • Monkeys, like humans, believe that there is a hot-handed bias involved in life whether this is a lucky roll on the basketball court or a string of lucky wins at the online casino when playing a game of online pokies, this belief helps explain why humans are likely to engage in risky behaviour in the first place. Our belief is based on the erroneous understanding that that we can somehow control events by finding a pattern even if no such pattern exists.


The similarities between the monkey and the human when it comes to gambling can help scientists and psychologists understand that people will sometimes act against their own self interest if a feeling or irrational thought overtakes their logic. Players can often lose large sums of money and act against their own financial best interests. If researchers are better able to understand and to pinpoint the biases and unnecessarily risky behaviour that humans partake in, then they may be better equipped to offer better therapeutic solutions and therapies for players who become addicted to gambling.

solved cat maze


In his research, Hayden also discovered that the monkey’s gambling behaviour was equally driven by the desire to win a reward as well as the value of finding out if they had won, this finding sheds new light on the region of the brain that is used by gamblers and particularly those with an addiction. This information is potentially very important for new treatments for psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as gambling addiction.

As well as equipping therapists or psychologists to construct more helpful therapies for humans who are faced with a serious challenge such as a gambling addiction, these studies also highlight the similarities between humans and primates. Very often humans tend to assume that we have the upper cognitive hand and we are significantly intellectually superior to non-human primates, studies such as these help demonstrate that the differences between us when it comes to decision making are fairly marginal and far from being rational thinking human beings, the decisions that we make are often made without us having a clear idea why.



For a more detailed account of the study by Hayden et al,

The Hot Handed bias experiment explained in more detail.


Currency Crossword Maze Puzzle

The Currency Crossword Puzzle Maze

currency crossword puzzle maze

maze of crossword puzzle of currency symbol | SOLUTION HERE

Cats and Instadebit Casino Payments

cat can't solve the crossword puzzle - cat memeThe Instadebit eWallet can be used easily and conveniently for all online casino banking needs at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino, the iPad casino and the mobile casino. The eWallet is an electronic wallet that lets gamers securely transfer money directly to and from an InstaDebit casino. The payment option is a favourite of casino gamers worldwide who appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the InstaDebit casinos banking solution that supports their banking needs and expectations. To facilitate transfer of funds from a local Canadian bank account into a casino account, a player establishes his online casino account by cat art mosaicsubmitting a username and a password to open the account. Once the account has been opened the gamer can select his preferred game. The casino will prompt the player by asking him whether he wants to practice for free in the Free Mode or play for real money prizes in the Real Mode. The free mode is available for gamers to play whenever they want for as long as they want, but when a player is ready to play for real, the casino will ask him to link his casino account to his online banking account. Canadian players can click the “Instadebit” logo on the casino’s banking page to link their casino activities to their Instadebit account which enables them to transfer funds to the casino without revealing any personal banking information. Once the link has been verified the player can add funds to his Instadebit a dog an his shadow paintingeWallet through real-time bank transfers or fast bank transfers. The fast bank transfer service is facilitated via a unique reference number for the deposit. Deposits made using this method will take three to five business days to complete. Real-time bank transfers allow gamblers to connect directly to their local Canadian bank and transfer funds within minutes. There are no casino fees for an Instadebit transaction. Withdrawals are transferred from the casino account to the player’s Instadebit account instantly. The Instadebit payment option is supported by the all casino platforms so regardless of the player’s location or available gaming time he can play at his convenience. Gamblers can download the casino software into their laptop or desktop PC and play via Instadebit at the Download Casino or, if they prefer, play on a public computer’s browser at the Instant Casino. For gamers who want to play on their front porch as their cat snoozes peacefully in their lap, the mobile casino is available 24/7 for Instadebit gambling..

cat meme of sith crossguard light sabre

Currency Crossword Maze Solution

SOLUTION to the currency crossword puzzle maze

Accodrion Monkey Maze

Maze puzzle of monkey playing the accordion

Click MAZE to view the SOLUTIONS | Monkey playing an accordion

deep thoughts about a big man by jack handey There is no reason that your cute cat can’t go along with you on your next adventure. With the ipad casino games at your fingertips, anyone can enjoy playing games with their cat at their side. They can play on a lounge chair, relaxing by the pool with the cat curled up at their feet. Or they can play online slots on the go and have the cat in the car with them along for the great drive. All of this is possible when people have the Canadian online casino at their side and they are ready for the fun and excitement that comes along with the awesome games they can play. Whether they decide to use instadebit, paypal or another payment choice, they will always find that it’s great fun to play these games and that it’s awesome to do so with their cat at their side. Anyone who wants something to do in his spare time should definitely check out these options and enjoy the choices that he finds. And his cat will thank him, since the cat gets to come along for the fun and be part of the excitement of playing online slots games and enjoying along with him.

This Side Up Maze

This Side Up MAZE

This maze is of an arrow pointing up and the words “This Side Up” upside down with the maze, however, the top of the maze is at a slight angle. When in the frame, this maze artwork is designed to be hung at a slight angle. Making it look like it needs to be slightly corrected, but at the same time looks correct because of the sign in the artwork.

Maze of This Side Up for Instadebit Casino stuff

THIS SIDE UP the maze | Maze’s Solution HERE

This Maze of THIS SIDE UP is part of the FREE MAZES PROJECT

The Free Mazes Project
Getting something for nothing in life isn’t a very common thing – but when you find a way this side up maze  | Instadebit Casino Artto do so you should jump on the offer. This is true of so many things – and that includes free mazes. Today, there are many locations where you’ll find mazes online but they aren’t always free for you to take and enjoy. With the free mazes from Yanito Freminoshi you’ll be able to have a blast solving the mazes. And then, once you’ve solved them, they are up for grabs. You can use the free mazes project for your personal use, for non-profit uses, for private use and beyond. This really allows you to enjoy the commercial opportunities with the free mazes and to use them in any way that it works for you. The free mazes project is one of those few ways that you can get something for nothing – and that means that it’s certainly worth enjoying the many benefits offered here.

Funny Cat Memes:

Meme of bowling cat

Instadebit Casinos with a Cat on your lap?

People will spend hours looking at a computer screen to look at Facebook and hours doing their hair before they go out. But somehow they think it’s wasting time if they do other things like watching a movie or chatting on the phone or even playing online casino games. These games, however, can really boost the morale of a player and can add happiness to their day. Here is a formula for this type of happiness. Players can curl up with their cat and get ready for some awesome online casino games or mobile casino games. They can play with an InstaDebit casino so that their money will be smoothly moved from their bank account in Canada into the casino site and so they won’t have to have any worries about their playing time. They can simply sit back, relax while they pet their cat and enjoy all that the online casino has to offer. This is a great way to add some flair to the day and to enhance a person’s mood. Not everyone is in a good mood all the Instadebit Cat Meme Cat In Tissue Boxtime, but when they start playing mobile casino games and really getting into the games, they can certainly enhance their mood and start to have some fun. And when they do this with the InstaDebit way of paying for these games, they will certainly feel good about the choices they’ve made and the way that they are playing. The cat will also love having that special time and curling up next to its owner, the casino player. Anyone who already plays can tell others what a great way it is to relieve stress and to have a great time. They can come into the house, curl up with their cat and get ready for some wonderful relaxation with the cat while they have fun and energy with the online casino games.

Catstronaut | Instadebit Cat Meme

Everyone needs a break once in a while, and when people work from home, this is just as true for them as it is for others. One of the best ways to get a break from the computer or the work that people are doing is to stretch. They can go for a short walk or just stretch their legs. Then, they might want to curl up on the couch or in a bed for a few minutes and cuddle with their cat. Assuming they work at a desk, this will give their bodies a change of scene and a chance to stretch and move. Next, while they are cuddling with the cat, it’sUSPS cat meme for Instadebitthe perfect time to enjoy awesome iPad casino games. These games allow the user to enjoy something awesome with great graphics and amazing sound effects and to get their minds off of their work and other obligations. Furthermore, people who play mobile casino games and online casino games should know about the InstaDebit casinos. For players in Canada, this is a way to enjoy easy payment methods and to quickly and easily get to those online casino games. Every minute matters when people are trying to take a quick break from their work, and the faster they can get to the games they want to play and enjoy, the more time they have to play. This is why the InstaDebit way is such a good idea. It allows people to use their own, already set up, bank account to pay for online casino games and to pay for those games quickly and safely. They don’t have to open another bank account or worry about opening another payment system. And then, they can play casino games with their cat at their side and the online casino games for their enjoyment.

cat hanger MEME Instadebit Casino

And we top it off with an inspirational PUN

Human Flight Inspirataional Pun

This Side Up Maze SOLUTION

Maze solved THIS SIDE UP