Bicycle Maze and Biker Cats

Bike Maze Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi of bicycle maze of a bike with big front wheel | SOLVED HERE

Mazes with your mobile casino and cat?

bike graphics NYAN catYanito Freminoshi creates some of the most complex and interesting mazes. Many people get to enjoy Freminoshi’s work as the mazes are available for free on the web, since Freminoshi doesn’t have the rights reserved over his work. It is extremely convenient for these who plan to spend the evening at home, enjoying a bit of quiet but without forgetting to have a thrilling experience. After ensuring the accessibility of some great wine, snacks and the comfort of your cat, you are set to go. Solve a few mazes in order to sharpen your senses and biker helmet cat memeimprove spike your mood, and then move on to the best mobile casino games you can find. There are plenty of games available on smartphones and tablets, providing you with a thrilling experience no matter which games you choose to indulge in. Each of the games is based on a different theme, so you are bound to find something that will suit you perfectly. The combination of unique mazes and unforgettable casino games make for a perfect evening, as you get to experience new things from the comfort of your home and without even leaving your sofa. This plan suits anyone who feels like staying at home for a change, and the opportunities are endless. There is not a chance that a player would feel bored if he chooses to combine the exciting mazes with a chance to make some quick cash all in the same night, especially if there is no need to make an effort to do so.

Caricature cartoon editorial putin obama syria

Decided to try making editorial cartoons, here is the first with Obama and Putin talking about that old horse, Syria, and how he may be old, but has a real KICK to him – with ambiguous aircraft background..

How mobile casino games can benefit from your maze solving and cat petting:

penny farthing kitten on ramp feelzYanito Freminoshi, the mysterious Japanese artist who has developed a new genre of mazes, creates maze art out of optical illusions. Freminoshi’s mazes involve images which are found within other images, creating interactive mazes that, many believe, bring luck and good fortune to those who complete them. Freminoshi maze art can be downloaded from the Internet for free so they are an attractive pre-gaming activity for mobile casino players who want to increase their chances when they play any of their favourite online casino games. Mazes are among multiple good luck charms that gamblers try to enhance their casino experience. Other players like to have their cat cuddled on their lap while they play. Relying on cats to bring good luck is an ancient belief but today players are prepared to try to cuddle a cat, or complete a maze or two, to enhance their luck as they play. It’s fun to snuggle with a cat but casino advisors actually believe that doing a maze or two before the casino event can help the gamer develop skills to experience a more rewarding and satisfying casino event. Gamers can biker catittude memetransfer these skills to their casino games at either the PC casino, for laptop or desktop gaming, or the mobile casino for gambling activities at the mobile casinos. Playing at the mobile casino is easy – anyone who has a casino account can move to the mobile casino and play at any time, or, for new players, it’s possible to open a new account right on the casino browser and play on the browser or via a casino app. The casino offers a wide range of game options. Table game enthusiasts can play roulette, baccarat or craps on their mobile while card game aficionados have their choice of playing any of the dozens of single-hand or multi-hand blackjack or poker games. Lottery fans can sign in and play scratch card while slots players have their pick of any of the multiple three-reel classic slot machine or five-reel video slots. Some of the most popular mobile slots include slots based on popular films such as Terminator 1 and Terminator 2, Jurassic park and Tomb Raider, cultural slot machines such as the Big Kahuna and Golden Princess and slot machines that feature whimsical, humorous themes such as Major Millions, Summer Holiday, Lucky Nugget, Agent Jane Blond and Cool Wolf slots.

Bike Maze Solution

solution to the maze of a bicycle.

Key Maze Monkeytopia

Key maze artwork designed for an online casino by Yanito Freminoshi. Prepare to be amazed.

maze of a key

A maze of a key by Yanito Freminoshi | UNLOCK THE SOLUTION HERE

iPad Casino = Online Casino

There are lots of things people do to increase their chances of winning at the iPad casino or any other online casino. Some people have tried using advice from pet owners that holding a beloved pet in your lap when you play helps you relax and feel more connected to your intuitive mind. Other people take a different direction entirely. They study astrology and the zodiac to learn more about the energy that’s around them all the time, which originates with the stars and the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies. This energy, in essence, is indistinguishable from the luck we need to win at the online casino. The movement of the plants and how they align with the stars produces waves of energy that we can feel if we learn to look within ourselves. We can’t change this energy, but we can learn to put ourselves in line with it, and that can be a benefit to us in every aspect of our lives. We can also learn to make betting decisions quicker, and figure out the best games to play based on how we feel, and even the best times of day to play them.

Monkeytopia Monkey Art

monkey with beachball

monkey art je suis charlie

Very Funny Cat GIFs

Just to lighten up your day, 2 very funny GIFs of cats. Funny Cat Gifs is what this is.

washing machine cat GIF

Funny cat GIF of a cat running in a giant hamster wheel washing machine. Pretty funny cat GIF that cat owners can relate to.

Funny cat GIF of a kitty in HEAVEN!

Funny Cat GIF of a cat that is clearly in HEAVEAN from being brushed

And now a maze of Aquatic Life Crossword Puzzle

aquatic life crossword puzzle maze

Crossword puzzle maze by Yanito Freminoshi of Aquatic Life | SOLUTION HERE


Currency Crossword Maze Puzzle

The Currency Crossword Puzzle Maze

currency crossword puzzle maze

maze of crossword puzzle of currency symbol | SOLUTION HERE

Cats and Instadebit Casino Payments

cat can't solve the crossword puzzle - cat memeThe Instadebit eWallet can be used easily and conveniently for all online casino banking needs at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino, the iPad casino and the mobile casino. The eWallet is an electronic wallet that lets gamers securely transfer money directly to and from an InstaDebit casino. The payment option is a favourite of casino gamers worldwide who appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the InstaDebit casinos banking solution that supports their banking needs and expectations. To facilitate transfer of funds from a local Canadian bank account into a casino account, a player establishes his online casino account by cat art mosaicsubmitting a username and a password to open the account. Once the account has been opened the gamer can select his preferred game. The casino will prompt the player by asking him whether he wants to practice for free in the Free Mode or play for real money prizes in the Real Mode. The free mode is available for gamers to play whenever they want for as long as they want, but when a player is ready to play for real, the casino will ask him to link his casino account to his online banking account. Canadian players can click the “Instadebit” logo on the casino’s banking page to link their casino activities to their Instadebit account which enables them to transfer funds to the casino without revealing any personal banking information. Once the link has been verified the player can add funds to his Instadebit a dog an his shadow paintingeWallet through real-time bank transfers or fast bank transfers. The fast bank transfer service is facilitated via a unique reference number for the deposit. Deposits made using this method will take three to five business days to complete. Real-time bank transfers allow gamblers to connect directly to their local Canadian bank and transfer funds within minutes. There are no casino fees for an Instadebit transaction. Withdrawals are transferred from the casino account to the player’s Instadebit account instantly. The Instadebit payment option is supported by the all casino platforms so regardless of the player’s location or available gaming time he can play at his convenience. Gamblers can download the casino software into their laptop or desktop PC and play via Instadebit at the Download Casino or, if they prefer, play on a public computer’s browser at the Instant Casino. For gamers who want to play on their front porch as their cat snoozes peacefully in their lap, the mobile casino is available 24/7 for Instadebit gambling..

cat meme of sith crossguard light sabre

Currency Crossword Maze Solution

SOLUTION to the currency crossword puzzle maze

Maze of Magic Potion

maze of magic potion

Magic Potion Maze Puzzlillusion and Spot The Differences | Solved HERE

VIP Casino Family?

How do I get to be the royal family of the casino, where every question will be dealt with promptly and personally? How can I take advantage of personal, exclusive gifts and VIP-Casinoprizes and be invited to exciting promotional events? The truth is, if you want to be treated like the dignitaries of the casino world, you will need to be a part of the VIP club. In order to make your way into the VIP club you have to be one of the small number of players who are spending the biggest bucks at the casino. Yes, that is right the amount of hours that you spend at the casino is not really relevant, it is the amount of money that you are wagering that will grant you access into this most exclusive of all clubs online!

Treasure Chest Maze Puzzlillusion

VIP Casino slots game treasure chest maze puzzlillusion

Maze and Spot-The-Differences puzzlillusion of a treasure chest for fish party online slots game for a VIP Casino. Created by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTIONS HERE

VIP Casino

VIP cat deal u can refuzesWhen casinos began to operate along the French Riviera in the 1800s casino operators could easily screen their players to ensure that only society’s elite would be allowed to enter the casino sites. The casinos quickly became known as the playgrounds of royalty, wealthy and members of high society who would socialize while enjoying competitions of roulette, baccarat, craps and other genteel casino challenges.

Las Vegas casinos, on the other hand, courted the patronage of middle class players from their inception in the 1940s. The management of those casinos, however, also wanted to bring more VIP gambling action into their casinos. The management of these and other casino venues recognized that VIP gamers simply prefer to play with other high class gamblers in an atmosphere that suits their needs and expectations.

vip cat meme mo money mo napsOver the years, land-based casinos have created parallel gambling sites – one gaming lobby for regular players and a second, exclusive venue for its elite competitors. VIP lounges at brick-and-mortar casinos are luxurious affairs with VIP admissions, opulent furnishings, gourmet foods and beverages, special room rates, an individual account management team, free passes to the shows and more. Most importantly, VIP gamers are able to gamble in an exclusive environment where they’ll find the top games and other promotions as they indulge in their gaming hobby together with their peers.

Today, the majority of gambling activities have moved to the online casino. Online gamers can play all of their favourite casino games on their PC or mobile screen for free or for real money prizes. And now, VIP gamers can also gamble in a VIP environment when they play at the All Slots VIP Casino site.

Online VIP Casino

say what now about a boatThe All Slots VIP Casino features hundreds of the most popular casino games along with favourable banking terms, rewarding promotions, generous payouts and much more. Exclusive VIP gambling offers high-class online gamers the opportunity to compete in a luxurious environment in the company of like-minded, privileged competitors.

The Internet casino offers VIP Players the opportunity to play in a privileged environment on a laptop, desktop or mobile device at any time and from any location. The refined environment provides the chance for the elite to gamble in the company of other like-minded players, giving them the opportunity to sit among their upper-crust peers and play in an atmosphere of high-quality, interactive fun and excitement.

Selected high-rollers are invited to gather in the VIP Lounge where they experience the convenience of online gaming in an atmosphere designed to meet their unique needs and expectations. Regardless of whether a gambler competes on a PC or a mobile device, an invitation to the VIP room allows him to experience the perks and privileges of VIP gaming from his PC or mobile screen.

The All Slots VIP Casino Lounge is reserved for the casino’s preferred gamers – individuals who are accustomed to first-class treatment wherever they go. All Slots is aware that these people have high expectations for their gambling venue and the casino pulls out all the stops to ensure that their expectations are met. VIP players enjoy all of the advantages of the regular Internet casino together with special advantages which are reserved for preferred clients.

VIP gamblers are treated to a personalized VIP Casino Service that guides them as they step up to meet the different game challenges and find games that meet their personal needs and expectations. A personal account manager is assigned to assist each VIP player so that the gambler is notified of any new games, promotions, ebanking alternatives and additional elements that create a rewarding and satisfying gaming event.

Playing at the VIP Casino confers many different types of benefits. Members are eligible to win customized vacation packages and luxury gifts. All Slots VIP gamers can redeem their Loyalty Points for cash and may take advantage of higher deposit and withdrawal limits than are generally allocated to regular players. Best of all, VIP players have increased opportunities to play more games for more time for free via VIP Casino Free Spins.

These features are presented exclusively to VIP gamblers at All Slots when they receive an invitation to enter the VIP Lounge

VIP Casino Eligibility

Preferred gamers are invited into the VIP games lobby by All Slots management. New invitations are issued monthly after the casino reviews its member’s casino activities and background. Invitations are sent out via email. If the chosen individual has amassed two hundred gaming points he’ll be invited into the VIP Casino at the Gold Level, giving him the chance to win free spins, luxury gifts and opportunities to participate in a wide range of promotional events.

cat got da money VIP memeWhen a VIP player has accrued up to eight hundred points he’ll be invited to move to the VIP Casino’s Platinum level. At the Platinum level VIP members enjoy higher deposit and withdrawal limits. For 50,000 point players, the VIP Diamond Room is their venue where they receive all of the perks of the Gold and Platinum room players along with the option to redeem Loyalty Points for cash and even earn luxury vacation packages.

VIP privileges are applicable to all of the casino games including to the table games, card games, online lotteries and any of the hundreds of online slot machines. While each player has his own preference, the favourite casino challenge for VIP gamers involves online slots. Some gamers enjoy the sedate experience of a slow-paced 3-reel classic slots but most prefer the fast-action, 5-reel video slots which offer a heightened gaming experience of interactive elements, high-action features and opportunities to win real money prizes. AllSlots slot machines have high quality components which include rolling reels, stacked symbols, wild reels, free spins, stacked reels, gamble rounds and the ever-popular 243 Ways to Win feature which offers more ways than ever to build completed combinations and win real money prizes.

The engaging themes of the five-reel video slots allow players to match their gaming with their imagination. Storylines include themes of romance, mysticism, intrigue, whimsy, romance, magic, history, mythology, adventure, travel, humor and much more.

Competitors who are looking for a light-hearted, easy game in which wins are announced within minutes can enjoy online lotteries such as simple, high payout games of keno, bingo, scratch card and sic bo.

Easy eBanking

VIP gamers are accustomed to using the best banking systems with the top conversion rates. To collect payouts at the All Slots VIP Casino players are invited to select the ebank that suits their needs. VIP digital banking options include ewallets, evouchers, debit and credit cards and Internet banks which transfer funds via wire transfer to and from the VIP player’s personal bank account. All Slots ebanking is facilitated in numerous currencies, giving players the chance to make their deposits and withdraw their winnings at their leisure.

All of the VIP casino games can be played as real money games in the Real Mode. Players who want to practice a game can do so at any time in the Free Mode.

Treasure Maze Puzzlillusion solution

VIP Maze solution of the treasure puzzlillusion

Green Fish Maze

green fish maze

VIP Casino maze of a surprised green fish by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED

VIP Casino Down Low:

There are numerous advantages to online casino gaming but, for some high society players, the Internet medium lacks the camaraderie that they had come to enjoy at banner leading to the VIP Casinoland-based casinos when they would play in special VIP rooms with other privileged gamblers. Now the online casino offers the same advantages for preferred AlllSlots gamers. Individuals who receive a special invitation from All Slots can enter the VIP Lounge and enjoy gambling activities in a VIP environment that has been designed to meet the special needs and expectations of preferential members. All Slots VIP Casino is available to select players at the Download Casino on PCs and at the mobile casino for mobile gamers. Gamblers who enter the VIP lounge at 2000 points start off at the Gold level, and when they achieve 8000 points they can move up to the Platinum level. The Diamond level of the VIP casino is reserved for gamers who accrue 50,000 points or more.

VIP Casino Girl Fish Maze

Great maze of a girly fish created by Yanito Freminoshi for a VIP Casino. Its a maze and a spot the differences puzzle and an optical illusion, all in one.

maze of art of a girl fish for a VIP Casino

Maze of a Girl Fish for a VIP Casino | By Yanito Freminoshi |  SOLUTION HERE