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Your cat is more than just your best friend. It’s your constant companion when you are at home, one that keeps you warm at night on winter days by snuggling up near you and shows its love by brushing up against your legs while you try to cook dinner and wash the dishes. So you can return that love by including it in all the everyday things you do. When you’re on the computer writing emails, chatting with friends, sharing stuff you like on social media sites, playing games, solving crossword puzzles or mazes, playing online casino games, and all of the other things you do online, let your cats be a part of that. Let them press the buttons whenever possible. Let them feel that you want them there, that you appreciate their presence, and that if feels nice to have the cat or cats in your lap while you do other things. Studies have shown that pet owners benefit emotionally from taking care of their cats and especially from bonding with them. The studies report improvements in mood, reductions in stress, and an overall improvement in self-image for pet owners who make an effort to bond with their cats. So take them with you to the online casino. They won’t make you any more lucky in your slots or poker games. The cards you get will be the same either way. But they might just have an impact on how much fun you have.

Walk in the Park Maze

Everyone has different ways to unwind after a long day at the office or a long day with the children or whatever the person does during the day. But, there are many easy and simple ways to wind down and still enjoy oneself. Many of these different activities can be carried out alongside one another, whether it is playing a musical instrument or just sitting quietly and doing the latest crossword that appears in the online newspaper or even one of the most popular mazes. Other activities that can be carried out alongside completing the latest maze or puzzle include online games and especially the online casino. People can enjoy all that the online casino offers at no extra cost to them, entering and playing at the online casino is entirely free. People can choose when and how to place real money bets and of course the value of the bet that they want to place. At the online casino the player can enjoy a choice of the most amazing games that have been specially adapted for the computer screen and still maintain the magic and thrills of a regular casino. Together with this the player can also benefit from promotions while playing the games and of course continuing to solve his beloved puzzles and just basically unwind at his own pace.

Wild Cat Blackjack

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iPad Blackjack kitten games

You’ll find the best ipad casino and online casino games at Wild Jack Mobile Casino, including dozens of variations of Blackjack, hundreds of slots game, a host of other casino classics. All of the games are created and designed by Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino gaming, and a sign of quality wherever it appears. That means you can count on more than a quality playing experience. You can also expect first rate graphics and sound, and in the case of slots, an over-arching theme that helps turn the game into a story, often with characters that reveal themselves as the game progresses. That makes the playing experience more immersive. Microgaming has been at the forefront of the evolution of the online slots game from a three reel recreation of the mechanical slot machines found in pubs and casinos in Europe to the five reel video slots, which often have dynamic features such as expanding wild symbols, animated elements, and bonus games that lead to more winnings. They also have more pay lines than ever. Some even go as far as to do away with pay lines and replace them with hundreds of ways to win, making the playing experience potentially more profitable.

Cat Controlled Casino Games?

online blackjack cat rainbowVisit Wild Jack Casino for the widest assortment of games you can play any way you want. You can download the entire suite of games and play on your computer, play flash versions of the games through your computer browser, or play mobile versions of the games on your mobile phone or tablet. No matter how you play, you get the same high quality graphics and sound effects, and your playing experience is the same regardless of the platform you use. Best of all, you can win real money if you’re lucky, and a lot of it if you’re really really lucky. If you play a slots game with one of the bigger progressive jackpots and hit the random trigger, you can go home with a jackpot that starts at a million coins and keeps on growing until someone wins. Or you can play a slots game with 243 ways to win, making it more likely than ever that you are going to hit a payout relatively often if you keep playing long enough.  It may not be the same as striking it rich with a progressive jackpot, but it’s enough to keep you wanting to play more.

Blackjack, the cat that helps online casino owners

sun tanning cat on the fence for online blackjack op artCats are great company, in fact after dogs, a cat is considered to be the most loyal pet. It is soft warm, cuddly and does not go far. Another advantage of owning or looking after a cat is the fantastic therapeutic qualities that the cat offers to its owners or carers. The action of petting a cat is very calming and when engaging in an activity that can be stressful, it is a good way to reduce the stress. There are not many really stressful home activities where the owner or carer of the cat can make use of its calming qualities but one which is often not associated with cat petting is online casino gaming. The online casino allows players to enjoy casino games from the comfort of their own home and at any time of day or night. Most of the games are very straightforward and do not require much input from the player but there are games such as online blackjack where the decisions of the player can greatly affect the outcome of the game. Before making that major decision whether to take another card or not, players can be calm and collect their thoughts ready for the decision while petting their cat, which is not allowed at a land based casino.

The Online Casino Jackers for Blackjack

cat and ice cream chromatic op artOne of the greatest ways to unwind at the end of a hard day is to grab a beer, curl up on the couch, enjoy your cat in your lap and play some online casino games. Some people love being out and about after a long day – but most people just want come peace and quiet. While many people won’t admit to this, if they are given the choice, they would love to play online blackjack games and enjoy a night in. A night out is fun once in a while, but a night in allows you to enjoy time with your cat and other animals, to relax on your cozy couch and to spend time by yourself. It’s always a great thing to relax and to enjoy your online blackjack games when you want to play them. We all spend enough time out and about in our lives, and you deserve the chance to just sit back and relax with online blackjack games once in a while. Think about it and have a great time playing online casino games when you want to play them. This is a great way to have a lot of fun.

Casino Blackjack Online

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Op Art for Online Blackjack Casino Cat

Sign into the online casino for an exciting blackjack experience that you can enjoy at any time of the day or night. There are multiple blackjack variations, all of which release the same “feel good” endorphins that people experience when they stroke a purring kitty. Some gamblers prefer the Download Casino where they can play right from their own home as they can snuggle with their cat and play any of the relaxing versions of online blackjack for real money. Every blackjack variation has its own rules but all of the blackjack alternatives present players with the opportunity to enjoy an exciting blackjack competition that fuses the gamer’s luck with his blackjack skills. Each version of blackjack requires a specific number of decks of cards, with some versions using one or two decks while others use three or more decks. Other differences involve splitting, taking out insurance and the requirement to stand when the total number of points in the hand reaches a specific level. The variety of online blackjack alternatives increases the suspension of the gaming event as it presents increasing possibilities for gamblers to create winning blackjack combinations. Blackjack attracts gamers who are prepared to experiment with new game techniques but who, at the same time, are also prepared for periodic loses as the game’s techniques and refined and  new strategies are tried. All of the blackjack platforms, including the Download Casino, the Mobile Casino and the Flash Casino present the game with high quality graphics and lifelike animations that create a realistic Las Vegas blackjack venue.